1986History - 1986

  • John Chandler at Cardiff University provides immunogold reagents to the marketplace.
  • Biocell Research Laboratories created in Cardiff.

1990History - 1990

  • Established as leader in the electron microscopy research field.
  • Distributors established in 15 countries worldwide.
  • Identified strong market potential with secret recipe formula for superior quality gold colloid manufacture.
  • Strategic move into the £23 billion global in-vitro diagnostics market.

1995History - 1995

  • Biocell Research Laboratories relaunches as British Biocell International, (BBInternational in the US).
  • BBI builds on its in-house expertise and launches a unique ‘full service’ for rapid test development.
  • Experienced international sales and marketing operation in place.
  • Off-the-shelf product range increased.
  • 90% of sales exported to some of the world’s largest diagnostics companies.

2000History - 2000

  • Management buy-out led by Managing Director Julian Baines.
  • Stakeholders include 6 Heads of Department tasked with growing divisions of Sales & Marketing, Gold Reagents, Research & Development, and Manufacturing Operations.

2003History - 2003

  • Completion of first major development projects for Merck, featuring five lateral flow tests for food borne pathogens: E-coli, campylobacter, listeria, salmonella, verotoxin.
  • First major manufacturing contract secured for these projects.

2004History - 2004

  • 28 April 2004 – Flotation of BBI Holdings onto the London Alternative Investment Market.
  • Cash raised used to repay Venture Capitalists. All immediately reinvested.
  • Quality products and services make BBI a cash generative business, taking advantage of profitable growth opportunities and adding value for shareholders.

2005History - 2005

  • BBI signs a unique agreement with Inverness Medical Innovations (now Alere), enabling us to offer manufacturing customers patent protection on selected non-competing lateral flow patents owned by IMI.
  • BBI Research launched in Madison, Wisconsin, bringing BBI’s extensive R&D resource closer to US-based customers.
  • Our leading 40% dextrose gel is rebranded as GlucoGel focusing on growing UK and International sales and introducing other novel fast acting glucose products such as GlucoTabs and GlucoJuice

2006History - 2006

  • April 2006 – BBI Holdings acquires Alchemy Laboratories and re-launches as BBI Dundee.

2007History - 2007

  • March 2007 – BBI Holdings purchases point of care D-dimer assays from AGEN Biomedical.
  • May 2007 – BBI Holdings acquires Theratase plc, incorporating the Biozyme and Seravac enzyme divisions, and re-launches as BBI Enzymes.

2008History - 2008

  • February – BBI Holdings is acquired by Inverness Medical Innovations (now Alere).

2009History - 2009

  • Lyn Rees is appointed Group CEO
  • Former Group CEO, Julian Baines becomes non-executive director of BBI.

2010History - 2010

  • New state of the art 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility opened at BBI Dundee.

2011History - 2011

  • BBI Detection is launched under Managing Director Richard Lamotte (formerly Managing Director of BBI Dundee and owner of Alchemy Laboratories).
  • BBI Detection incorporates sites in Madison, Wisconsin; Dundee, Scotland; and Porton Down, Salisbury, UK.
  • Fiona Marshall, formerly General Manager of BBI’s Dundee facility, is appointed Managing Director of BBInternational.

2012History - 2012

  • BBI Detection launches the Integrated Multiplex Assay and Sampling System (IMASS™ device) to solve the problem of sampling and identification of biothreats in ‘white powder’ incidents.
  • BBI Healthcare acquires the manufacturer of its flagship product Balance Activ, Kullgren Pharma, based in Sweden and commences a £1m marketing campaign for the product.
  • BBI Healthcare acquires 4 new products for its women’s health portfolio.
  • Penny McCormick is appointed Managing Director of BBI Healthcare
  • Vision Biotech is brought into the BBI portfolio.
  • BBI enters a joint venture with Albagaia to launch the Novarum Reader™, the first mobile reader to market which uses smartphone based software to read any lateral flow test.
  • Fiona Marshall is appointed Managing Director of BBI Enzymes, Scipac, and Vision Biotech

2013History - 2013

  • The divisions of BBInternational, BBI Enzymes, Scipac, and Vision Biotech are brought together as one company: BBI Solutions
  • The Group is officially renamed ‘The BBI Group’ from May 1st 2013, and comprises 3 organisations: BBI Solutions, BBI Detection, and BBI Healthcare.

2014History - 2014

  • Liam Taylor appointed as Managing Director of BBI Solutions
  • BBI Group becomes Gold member of Life Sciences Hub in Wales

2015History - 2015

  • BBI Group is acquired by Exponent Private Equity from Alere

2016History - 2016

  • Mark Dean-Netscher joins BBI Group as Global Head of Operations
  • Alex Poempner is appointed as new CFO for BBI Group
  • £4m Expansion of BBI Healthcare manufacturing in Gnesta, Sweden
  • Novarum Diagnostics acquired by BBI Group from joint venture

2017History - 2017

  • BBI Group announces a new £14m investment plan for 2017 which will include a new global HQ in South Wales
  • BBI Solutions opens legal facility in China
  • Maine Biotechnology Services acquired

2018History - 2018

  • Mario Gualano is appointed as Group CEO. Mario was previously Global Head of Commercial
  • BBI opens its Global Headquarters in Crumlin, South Wales, UK