Welcome to Innovations – the path to technology partnership and collaboration at BBI

BBInnovations is a core part of BBI’s ongoing commitment to the future growth and development of our business.  We are a dedicated team of commercial and technical specialists responsible for supplementing and expanding our portfolio and maximising our capabilities in collaboration with our partners.

BBInnovations is actively promoting BBI’s capabilities as a leading, ambitious and trusted partner to both academic and industry collaborators.  We seek to explore and develop partnerships and networks to help all parties develop their capabilities, solve technical challenges and ultimately commercialise your early stage and in-market products and technologies.

What we are looking for and what we can offer:

Capitalising on over 25 years’ experience in the diagnostics industry, we invite you to work hand in hand to deliver your science as a commercial reality.

  • In and out licensing for mutual future growth
  • Technology scouting and networking in UK and globally
  • Working with academic and industry partners
  • Product and technology evaluations
  • Partnerships to co-develop/ co-fund technology to market
  • Flexible commercial approach – Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquistions, Licensee, distribution, co-development

To find out more about BBI’s capabilities and products or to explore our individual business units further, e-mail us at: