BBI Healthcare specialises in the sales and marketing of our own product ranges and those of our commercial partners, and provides a full distribution service for on a national scale for the BBI Group and third party customers.

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BBI Healthcare was launched in April 2006, following the incorporation of GlucoGel® into the Group’s portfolio. GlucoGel® is the UK’s leading glucose gel which is most commonly prescribed for, or purchased by, diabetes patients for the symptoms of hypoglycaemia (‘hypo’) or low blood sugar.

The Group identified an opportunity to build an educational programme around GlucoGel®, along with other novel diabetes and healthcare products.

In 2008, BBI Healthcare was merged with another Alere company, Cedar Health, which brought the Balance Activ® brand into the portfolio. Balance Activ® is a leading vaginal gel for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (‘BV’) – the most common type of vaginal infection, and frequently mistaken for thrush. Following listings in all major pharmacy wholesalers, multiple grocers, and high street pharmacies, BBI Healthcare embarked on a £1m marketing campaign in 2012 to educate women about BV. Sales of the product grew by 49% in 2012, and look set to continue with further investment in 2013.

As part of its growth plan, BBI acquired the manufacturer of Balance Activ Gel in February 2012, bringing with it a distributer network covering over 50 countries. The Balance Activ brand was expanded to include a range of ‘gentle effective alternatives’ for common women’s health conditions, and 4 new products for BV, conception, and menopause were launched in early 2013.

BBI Healthcare has grown to be a multi-million pound business with an energetic and innovative team of over 40 personnel delivering new products, strong brands and education into retail, and primary and secondary care markets.

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