BBI Solutions is a leading expert in immunoassay development and manufacturing services and provides an extensive portfolio of products and technologies, to the global diagnostic market.

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BBI Solutions was formed in May 2013 as a result of merging four of the Group’s core companies: BBInternational; BBI Enzymes; Scipac; and Vision Biotech.

Headquartered in Crumlin in South Wales, the company was initially set up as an organization supplying its proprietary gold reagents to research institutions and hospitals using electron and light microscopy. As the reputation for its exceptionally high quality product grew, under the BBInternational name the company went on to become the number one gold supplier in the research field, and leveraged by this success, moved strategically into the in-vitro diagnostic market in 1991. BBInternational’s gold reagents became of interest to organizations involved in the development of rapid immunoassays, such as commonly used simple ‘dipstick’ or blood sample tests through to more complicated instrument-based testing products.

BBInternational went on to secure a number of high profile and technically challenging development projects working alongside very well-known diagnostic companies to develop bespoke rapid tests for point of care diagnostics.

In 2006, the Group acquired Alchemy Laboratories which provided a second rapid test development and manufacturing site.  This service was strengthened further in 2012 when Vision Biotech was also brought into the Group to provide a third manufacturing site for high volume point of care test manufacturing, usually via tenders.

In May 2007, the Group acquired Theratase Plc (renamed BBI Enzymes) which added enzyme extraction and purification to its portfolio. The division supplies key reagents (glucose oxidase, alkaline phosphatase, peroxidase) to major diagnostic manufacturers.

Expansion continued with the acquisition of SCIPAC in June 2010 bringing a portfolio of over 400 products including proteins, antibodies, clinical samples, disease state plasma and affinity depleted sera for use in immunoassays for the accurate diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a large range of conditions and diseases.

The division also produces proteins in large scale, such as Transferrin and EGF, to the very high specifications required for use as growth factors in cell culture media used in applications such as producing therapeutics ingredients or growing tissues.

BBI Solutions has a strong global reach with a wide range of biotech and life science customers based in over 100 countries.

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