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All GLUCO products use a measured dose of fast-acting glucose to provide a real alternative to more traditional energy drinks, bars and tablets. Used by diabetic patients and those who are just after a general pick-me-up, GlucoTabs and GlucoJuice are totally free from caffeine, artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives and are available within all major retail and pharmacy outlets in the UK in some great fruity flavours. GLUCO ISO is the World’s first ISOTONIC effervescent sports drink that combines glucose, electrolytes and Vitamin C.

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balance activ

Balance Activ®

We understand that when you have a vaginal condition such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), you want a product that you can trust to treat it, and one that works in harmony with your body. Not everybody wants to use medicines that can have side effects and upset the natural balance of your vagina. That’s why we developed Balance Activ® BV Gel and Pessaries. Our products mimic what the body does naturally and offers a dependable alternative to drugs with harsh side affects. Our products are proven to work and allow you to take control of your vaginal health.

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GlucoGel® has been available in the UK since 1984, and it’s now available in a berry flavour. GlucoGel® raises sugar levels quickly and provides a fast acting energy boost, and is available in the UK market. Each tube contains 10g of fast acting glucose, the primary sugar in the blood and the sole energy source for the brain, kidneys and red blood cells.

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Ortis products


Through our Ortis® range we aspire to give consumers access to premium, natural origin products with quality ingredients to aid digestive health to enable them to feel happy inside & out. The range offers a tasty, convenient way to help with bowel regularity or to aid detoxification. Made from natural ingredients including tamarind and figs, Ortis products quickly but gently help to re-establish the rhythm of your digestive system at times when your routine has been disturbed.

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Our Lestrin tablets provide plant sterols to help keep cholesterol levels healthy. They are made from a standardised extract of Beta-sisterol which is a naturally-occurring sterol found in almost all plants, and provide a convenient, lactose and fat-free way to supplement a healthy diet.

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