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cell culture

Cell Culture Reagents

BBI Solutions manufactures a number of mammalian cell culture products, including apo-transferrin, holo-transferrin and sidero-transferrin, which are all essential components of serum free mammalian culture medium. For tissue culture media, human cells grow better in cell culture media made with human, rather than bovine serum components – At BBI Solutions, all cell culture material is sourced from human origin, or recombinant to ensure efficient end results. These products are used to formulate high quality cell culture media.

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disease state plasma

Serum & Plasma

BBI Solutions provides bulk disease state plasma units and clinical patient samples specialising in autoimmune and infectious disease. These are collected with patient consent and ethical approval to ensure full traceability, essential for FDA approval. These products are often high in the value chain, with rare disease types available, provided with comprehensive analysis data such as demographic, age, disease phase and measured analyte levels. These are used during numerous stages of test development including research, test validation and the manufacture of control solutions.

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Gold Nanoparticles

BBI solutions have over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing gold nanoparticles for the research and diagnostics industry. Our unique formula ensures that our gold gives optimum performance, with superior stability, sensitivity and binding properties. Our manufacturing facilities and processes allow us to offer you batch sizes of up to 350 litres, all with a shelf life of 12 months. There is a diverse range of particle sizes available from 2nm to 150nm supplied ready for conjugation, to save you time and money. We also manufacture silver nanoparticles, and off the shelf conjugates. This product range is ideal for use in lateral flow and a selection of other visual tests.

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BBI Solutions manufactures a diverse range of enzymes derived from microbial, animal and plant tissues, including our market leading glucose oxidase and horseradish peroxidase. These are manufactured in our purpose built laboratories in the UK and South Africa, enabling us to provide you with economical batch sizes of up to 700 kg. BBI Solutions enzymes are ideal for a variety of applications including clinical chemistry, biosensor manufacture and the ELISA assay.

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human proteins

Human Antigens

BBI Solutions are the primary manufacturer of numerous native and recombinant human antigens, to a variety of disease states. These are manufactured in the UK, under our ISO: 13485 quality management system. Our native antigens are purified from human plasma and tissues which are all ethically sourced, often with multiple sources to ensure supply sustainability. These products are ideal for numerous applications including life science research, ELISA Assay, Lateral Flow, and control manufacture.

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BBI Solutions offers a diverse range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, covering various marker types including tumor, infectious disease and diabetes. These are the key components in many diagnostic testing platforms including ELISA assay, Lateral flow and a number of auto-analysers. Our antibodies are tested in a number of applications including western blot, ELISA and lateral flow, allowing us to give you recommended capture and detection pairing.

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isoflow benchtop

IsoFlow Bench-top Reagent Dispenser

The IsoFlow bench top reagents dispenser is an automated piece of machinery for the manufacture of lateral flow tests. It is a compact bench top unit that is ideal for laboratory R&D use as well as small scale manufacture. The IsoFlow bench top accepts all membrane types, as membrane or card form, and can produce up to 100,000 units per day of accurately striped or sprayed test strip components.

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isoeye reel to reel

IsoFlow Reel to Reel System

The IsoFlow Reel to Reel system is an automated piece of machinery for the manufacture of lateral flow tests. It is designed for large scale manufacture, with the capacity to produce over 800m, approximately 2m/minute of material per day. The IsoFlow reel-to-reel is formatted with a pair of pumps for each line, which maintains a continuous flow and can stripe/spray up to 8 lines of reagent (via 16 pumps) with extreme accuracy and uniform density.

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isoeye reel to reel 2

IsoEYE Reel to Reel System

The IsoEYE Reel to Reel system is an automated piece of machinery for the manufacture of lateral flow tests. The system offers the most accurate dispensing technology for anyone manufacturing their assay system in house. The user-friendly system is highly configurable and can be tailored to the customer’s precise requirements. The software can be programmed to facilitate manufacture to strict in line specifications including the monitoring of NC deposition as well as the spraying of conjugates or confirmation of blocking front measurements.

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