Kelly Stokes

Senior Scientist

I started working at BBI in 2013 as an R&D scientist. I was working for a smaller company at the time and was attracted to BBI as I knew it was growing and would offer me better opportunities for career development.

I work in the Contract Services department, working with customers to develop diagnostic assays for multiple diseases and conditions. On a typical day I’ll start by evaluating the technical plan for the day and make sure everything is set up for the team before checking my emails. If we’re testing assays that day, I’ll be in the lab all day, testing then carrying out data analysis. Other days I’ll be in the R&D office doing design control or having regular calls with our customers or drafting technical reports.

My role switches between being in the lab or in the R&D office, so it’s really varied, and that’s what I like most about it. I work closely with a lot of different departments which keeps things interesting. I get a lot of job satisfaction from the variety of the practical work alongside project managing and making sure our customers are satisfied.

I was promoted to senior scientist after developing my skills and experience on several customer contracts. I also enrolled on a leadership course. On my current project I have two development scientists that I am responsible for who help with the project planning, testing and data analysis. I’m definitely pleased with the way my career has progressed at BBI so far.