Kieran Cloake

Conjugation Scientist

I joined BBI in 2018 after graduating from university with a biology degree. It’s my first job as a scientist. I was really pleased to start work here as I’m really interested in improving healthcare and well-being, so this is a great opportunity to improve my skills and get to know the industry.

A typical day for me starts at 8am. My job is to make conjugates that are used in lateral flow tests which diagnose a huge range of diseases and conditions and are used all over the world. I not only make the product but test the samples and produce customer reports.

I’m really enjoying learning more about the products that BBI make. The most satisfying thing is knowing that a product that I’ve made will go on to improve somebody’s quality of life – that gives you a real sense of achievement.

Being at BBI is really helping me to improve my knowledge. I really want to stay in the science field and I’m really interested in new technologies and developments like stem cell regeneration. The skills I’m gaining are really setting me up for a career in scientific healthcare and I’m excited about what the future will bring.