Norman Morgan

Manufacturing Operator 2 South Africa

I joined BBI in South Africa on 11 February 1985, as a Process Operator in Production.

It was my first job after leaving school, and I was grateful to be given such an interesting opportunity.

I have received excellent training at BBI over my 35 years with the Company and held various roles within Production. I have witnessed plenty of change, but it has been a great journey, and I can say without a doubt that I thoroughly enjoy my role of Manufacturing Operator 2.

A day for me at BBI would be ensuring that I change into my PPE before I enter the Production area, where I prepare myself for the manufacturing process. I check that my equipment ensuring it is clean and test it to see that it is operating properly before I start up the process. I also ensure that I have the batch record at hand for the process I am going to be working on, as I need to follow Good Documentation Practices, as we have been trained to do.

I love the fact that what we do at BBI changes peoples’ lives, and it makes me proud to be an employee of the Company. We work together as a team, and as colleagues, we care about one another and are very supportive to each other.

We have a diverse workforce, and it has been very interesting to learn about our different South African cultures. We have even learnt about British culture since being acquired by the BBI Group.