Our vacancies

We are looking for committed employees who can work independently, responsibly, and in line with our company values.

With us, you’ll be working for a successful international company that is focused on growth, innovation, and the highest quality standards. It’s a place where ambitious, independent people can make their mark, develop, and contribute.pixel

Reference Current Vacancies Location
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OEF0419CRMOperational Excellence FacilitatorCrumlin
PT0519CRMProduction TechnicianCrumlin
CM0519CRMProjects & Contracts ManagerCrumlin
SL0719CRMStores LeadCrumlin
QCS0719CRMQC ScientistCrumlin
AO0719CRMAssembly OperatorCrumlin
SQE0819STGSenior Quality EngineerSittingbourne
PMOM0819CRMPMO ManagerCrumlin
M&A0819CRMManager, M&A and Finance ProjectsCrumlin
CFBP0819CRMCommercial Finance Business PartnerCrumlin
CML0819CRMContract Manufacturing LeaderCrumlin
CCTL0819CRMTeam Leader – Cell Culture & Hba1cSittingbourne
OM0819CRMOperations ManagerCrumlin
DSS0819CRMDevelopment Scientist (6-month Secondment – Internal Only)Crumlin
HRC0819CRMHR CoordinatorCrumlin
LT0819CRMLaboratory TechnicianCrumlin
CCLConjugation Cell LeaderCrumlin
HMPM0819CRMHead of Marketing & Product ManagementCrumlin
BDM0819EURBusiness Development Manager - Contract Development and Manufacturing Services (EMEA)Home Office (EUR)
DMM0819CRMDigital Marketing ManagerCrumlin
SDP0919EDNSoftware Developer (Portal)Edinburgh
SA0919EDNSystems AdminEdinburgh
CCLPS0919CRMCC Lab Production ScientistPortland
DS0919CRMDevelopment ScientistCrumlin
SQSS0919CRMSenior Quality Systems SpecialistCrumlin
DESDS0919CRMDE&S Development ScientistCrumlin
DESPT0919CRMDE&S Production TechnicianCrumlin
DESQCS0919CRMDE&S QC ScientistCrumlin
PS0919CRMProduction ScientistCrumlin
CSS0919CRMCustomer Service SpecialistCrumlin
PTSQC0919SITSenior QC Scientist - Part TimeSittingbourne
PT0919SITProduction TechnicianSittingbourne